MABEX 2017 attendees had an opportunity to choose from two all-day bus tours, each with its own informative and exciting itinerary.
Willow Fueled Boiler at East Lycoming School
Sullivan County School District at Laporte
Windcrest Farm Grass Fuel , Wapwallopen

East Lycoming High School is one of the first schools to grow and use its own hybrid willow plantation in the US. They have about 40 acres of willow which has been harvested in part and used as fuel or their Messersmith boiler. Notice the 2.5 acres solar array next to the willow plantation that supplies half the electrical needs of their high school.


Fully automated chip delivery system 150 cubic yard chip storage 2.8 mmBtu/hr biomass gasification unit & boiler, controls, boiler room equipment. External, integrated hot water thermal storage tank, 3000 gallons. 450 ft pre-insulated pex piping and interconnection to existing central hydronic system, variable frequency drive motors.

Bus Tour A  -  Willow Plantation / Wood Boiler Schools / Switchgrass Farm Demonstration
Hybrid Willow Plantation at Rockview
Schrack Farm Digester
Woodchip Production at Metzler Forest Products
Bald Eagle Sustainable Forest Timber Sale

Penn State has planted several varieties of hybrid willow to test growth performance. Attendees will observe first-hand how this promising biomass fuel feedstock is being managed and learn its potential impacts on Pennsylvania's biomass industry.

Attendees will visit a large dairy farm near Loganton, PA to tour an anaerobic digester that receives manure from several hundred cows on this farm.

Attendees will tour the MFP facility to learn how this company processes bark and logs into mulch and woodchips for the bioenergy and pulp/paper industries.

The tour will culminate at a logging site on State Forest land where attendees will observe sustainable forestry / best management practices first hand, producing logs for lumber and poles for chipping.

Bus Tour B - Willow Plantation / Farm Anaerobic Digester / Chipping Tour / Sustainable Forestry